Penetration Testing for your

Cloud apps 

Protecting your business by uncovering vulnerabilities

We set a lofty mission to help businesses protect against hackers and to improve their cybersecurity setup. As more companies big and small, public and private, commercial and non-profit become the target of hackers, we help companies to be adequately protected; both internally and externally. 



Before you can protect, you need to know what to protect. We work alongside your team to uncover weaknesses in your systems with our full range of Penetration Testing Services.


Protection should not be passive or reactive. With our cloud-based Managed Security Services we proactively protect your systems with the latest cybersecurity technologies so that you keep the bad guys at the perimeter, away from your critical systems.


Headquartered in Singapore and with the ability to execute anywhere, we are your ideal partner in securing your cloud servers, web apps and network. 


Let us hack you. At least we are the good guys.

You can’t protect what you don’t know, and it is our job to let you know your risks so you can protect your most important assets. Disrupted Security’s penetration testing services probe your networks, applications and systems to discover vulnerabilities that you may not be aware of.

Managed Security Services

Proactively protect your important assets from hackers. Our suite of Managed Security Services consists of a Web Application Firewall to protect your web, 2FA for another layer of authentication, on-demand site vulnerability assessment for greater insight into your site's security, offsite backups and more.

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