You can’t protect what you don’t know, and it is our job to let you know your risks so you can protect your most important assets. Disrupted Security’s penetration testing services probe your networks, applications and systems to discover vulnerabilities that you may not be aware of.

Our pen testers are not only security researchers, system engineers and coders but they are passionate about exploiting the latest vulnerabilities and educating the community on how to protect themselves. To stop attackers, we have to think like attackers. The difference between us and the attackers is that we care for you, and when a vulnerability is found we will inform you, gauge its severity and demonstrate how you can resolve it.


Let us hack you. At least we are the good guys.

Web Application Penetration Testing

The goal of the Web Application Penetration Testing is to discover vulnerabilities in your web applications that can be exploited. Our systematic approach to testing is customised to your web apps and will simulate real world exploits.

Cloud Penetration Testing

The objective of the Cloud Penetration Testing is to test the security of your applications hosted in the cloud. As more enterprises harness the power and hyperscale capabilities of the cloud, it comes with unique security challenges that has to be addressed. Our Cloud Penetration Testing team have years of experience on AWS, Google Cloud and various cloud platforms.

Network Penetration Testing

We will test the resilience of your devices, hosts and network with our Network Penetration Testing services. 


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